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I don't particularly like asking for donations, so I pretty much don't. We run this risk of moving from a free non-profit site, to being one of those terrible "we need $800 a month to operate oh boo hoo I'm such a dirty liar donate or you'll never get manga ever again and then donate some more" sites, and it's a scary place down there.

Donations are the straight-forward, easy breezy way to make sure that you help bring SC to financial stability. Donations stay in the PayPal account until they're needed to reimburse scanners who buy manga, Snoopy who buys manga, or Snoopy who pays for general operating costs. These are absolutely not used for anything else. I know that proving that is rather difficult, but it's true! I swear! *Nixon pose* Seriously, I try to run a tight ship. Everyone gets reimbursed whether we have the money in the Paypal account or not, so there's no reason to move it around needlessly. Especially considering all those Paypal fees.

Anyway, to the subject at hand. I'm going to give out gifts to people who donate $7 or more to the site (it's $7 instead of $5 because the shipping would bring a $5 donation down to $3... which is slightly low), with better gifts going to higher levels of donations. Like I said before, you're not buying this stuff... most of it's not even worth $5. It's just a thank you, and I'm letting you choose what you'd like.

$30 - Figurines: Hibiki and Soul Eater
$15 - Random nicer stuff, mouse pads, pen cases, cell phone straps
$7 - weird stuff

The complete listing has been posted!

If you're interested in the complete list, it will be posted in the forums within the next week or so (inventory will take a while), with scans where appropriate. Btw, the picture on the right was scanned off of a clear file that's up for grabs. There are also some pretty sexy posters and so on if you like that one.

You are allowed to call dibs on something before you donate if you want to make sure that you'll get it, but I won't hold anything for any real length of time, and once things are gone, they're gone. I'm not an online store or anything, and I don't have a supplier to get any more of this stuff. What I can do is offer high donations access to future freebies. If what you want is taken and you want to risk it, then do please email me and I'll explain that to you.

A little note: Everything I have is from Champion RED (Change 123, Franken Fran, and LOTS of pervy stuff), Shounen GanGan (Doubt... although I don't have anything from Doubt, which makes me sad... and Soul Eater is getting lots of attention thanks to its anime), Shounen Ace (Suzumiya Haruhi, Sgt Frog (Keroro Gunsou), Deadman Wonderland, Evangelion), and a few random ones that I bought just to check out. Most of the stuff in this grab bag of random stuff actually isn't from SC projects and some of it isn't even from manga that's translated into English, so you may not find anything that you know, but look at it all and you will probably find something that makes you go 'wow... neat'.

Interested in getting a little more bang for your buck while still getting a figurine of your favorite busty beauty? Then check out the Freebie Site Guide for an opportunity at getting the second Hibiki figurine (why do I have two? I'm not totally sure myself...).




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