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So, a quick recap. SC is costing Snoopy (aka 'me') a ton of cash every month... and not for bandwidth, which is the usual complaint. The problem is that we buy and scan everything that you read here and that gets really expensive really quickly. And I don't make enough money to just blow off a few thousand dollars a year.

So, how do we fix it? We offer the site visitors ways to help the group without making it mandatory or telling them that if they don't the site will go down or the manga will stop. The manga won't stop flowing, guys, so don't think that I'm pressuring anyone into anything. I chose to start monthly and weekly chapter scans because I want you to be able to read them and that fact will never change.

My solution is multi-pronged. First and formost, I want to give you guys a way to help the site financially without paying any money out of your pocket. It seems odd, and probably against common sense to trust something like this, but I've been intimately familiar with freebie sites for a few years now, and they're a pretty damn good way for people to help the site like this without any out of pocket expense. I'll go further into that in page 3.

If you'd like to help the site but aren't really comfortable signing up for free trials and so forth (which I totally understand), then I'm offering the donate button with a bonus. If you read the first page of this, you recall that I have about 50 random free gifts that come with all those monthly magazines (I've got everything from a Hibiki figurine to a Suzumiya Haruhi towel that transforms into a wrist strap). If you'd like one of these bad boys you'll need to actually donate (it's just easier to put them into tiers if people are donating instead of doing the freebie site). Obviously, it's a first come, first serve system... I have a select few good items and a whole lot of worthless crap. The items that I deem 'good' will be given to people who donate 30 dollars or more... like I said, first come first serve, so if you wanted that Hibiki figurine, and just to make sure you got it, you donated a hundred bucks, if someone who donated $30 15 minutes earlier asked for it, then he gets it. If you wanna claim something and then donate, that's cool, too. Also, please keep in mind that you're not really buying this stuff... none of it is actually worth $30 except perhaps the handful of figurines if you're a collector or something. Most of this is just neat memorabilia that's cluttering my bookcases that I'm giving to you guys as a thank you for helping the site. I don't wanna hear any 'I was ripped off' comments, plzthx.

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