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First of all, I want to tell everyone that this IS legit. I've gotten TV's and money off of numerous sites before (some with the help of the visitors here at SC), so no haters, please.

I've chosen three sites to offer you guys as possibilities, but they all operate on the same basic premise. First, you sign up under the link that is posted below (which would be the SC referal code), this puts you under us, which gets us credit when you fulfil your requirements. These sites work by having people like us sign up for free trials or take surveys or what have you, then they get paid by the company that offers the free trial, then a part of what they make goes back to the person who signed up for the trial, eventually getting you your free ipod or xbox 360 or, in this case, a donation for

The first (and I anticipate more popular) site is (great name, right?). This site is easier to complete, as it only requires you to complete half a credit worth of offers. If you take a look at the offers list, this would mean that to complete this site (and give SC a donation of $20) you could sign up Gamefly's trial (1/3 a credit) and send some flowers (1/4 credit) and you'd end up with something close to 3/5 credit points, which is over half a credit, so you're done. You could also simply sign up for the Netflix trial (worth half a credit) and be done instantly.

Now, next is another site from the same company, The offers are the same, but the requirements to finish the site are harder. You need a full credit point to get credit here. So, get the trial for Blockbuster Online (2/3 credit) and get the trial of Clarins (some kinda makeup?) for 1/3 credit, adding up to one full credit and a complete donation to SC of $40. That particular example would cost you $10... not bad for an investment, and once you finish this site, I'll throw in a gift out of my pile of memorabilia.

Finally, I've got something of a long shot one. requires 3 credits to complete, but it makes the site $145 per person who finishes. This one costs money, so I'm treating it like a donation of 40$. And don't tell any of those donation only guys, but I've actually got TWO Hibiki figurines, and the first person who does this offer site to the end gets one (if they want it). If no one finishes it, then I'll just keep her. Basically, if you finish this, you're considered a super friend of the site and you can pick and choose out of my freebie pile for months to come.

Now. You may have noticed that all of these sites are from the same company. I did this because, first, I know that this is a reputable and fair operation that won't leave a sour taste in any of your mouths as long as you follow the rules. And second, because this company allows repeat cash outs. Normally we'd have to go to a new site whenever we reach the maximum referral number, but with this one, we'll just cash out and start over.

Now, the rules are incredibly important, so I'm going to go over the big ones:

Most importantly, only one person from a household can sign up. Period. All of these sites are linked together and they log IP addresses, names, physical addresses, and everything else you can imagine. Your roommate can't sign up for this site if you're signed up. They can't sign up using you as a referrer, either. Hell, if they signed up from a different location and then logged in from your apartment, they'd lose their account, and your account would be in jeopardy. You must understand that these sites run on a small margin of profit and people who cheat the rules are not dealt with lightly. Even if it's an honest mistake, you need to be careful.

These offers are mostly trials. You probably think that you can just sign up, then cancel, and you're good. But that's not how things work. There's a timer on the trials, and if you just cancel it immediately, the sites in question are notified and your account will be canceled (you're cheating again). If you try out the trial for a reasonable period of time and don't want to keep it, then you can cancel it... you're not required to keep anything that you don't want. You do have to at least give the service a try for a few days or a week or so. The specific time requirements are listed along with the offers (example: Credits: Within 14-21 days <-- this requires that you keep your Discover Card for about a month before the credit comes through).

Also, as a little aside, you can't sign up for something twice. So if you've already signed up for Netflix, you can't cancel your subscription and then sign up again. Doesn't work that way.

Those are the two big no-no's and the common sense no-no. And they're not that hard to avoid. The other possible problem you may face is getting credited for your offers correctly. To make sure that credit goes through, you'll need to temporarily turn off pop-up blockers (some cookies are in the pop-ups apparently), allow cookies, and let the pages load fully while you're signing up for the service or trial you've chosen. If you still don't have credit after the stated time period, click the help button and tell the support guys, and they'll get everything squared away. These companies are extremely friendly and will help you if you genuinely need it. (it doesn't pay to have unhappy customers)

those are the three offers. $20 that probably won't cost a penny depending on your choices, $40 that will cost you a few bucks, or $145 that'll probably cost $30 to $50. So if you're comfortable with free sites, the bang for the donation buck is pretty clear. As a bonus, if we get lots of people signing up, we have a chance of winning the monthly referral race, which comes with a cash prize.

Feeling a little iffy after seeing the sites (they look kinda bad in Firefox... try Opera or IE)? Then have a look at the donation system.



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