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1. Is ___ licensed? Are you going to keep working on it?

We announce licenses on the main page and in the IRC channel. If there is a possible license (rumors that have started from either an inside tip or perhaps a listing on or something) then we WAIT to announce anything until the license has been made official. In other words, if there is no official press release involved, then we will not stop work on a possibly licensed series. To the contrary, we will speed up and get as much of it done as we possibly can in hopes of finishing it before it's officially licensed. If there is never any press release, then once the books hit store shelves, the series will be removed from the website and all work will stop (with the possible exception of text translations, which may continue to be updated on the website... we haven't yet, but you never know).

2. Have you dropped ____ ?

No. If you have the need to ask this question, then the project is not dropped. Anything that has been dropped would be labeled very clearly as such. If something is going slowly, then it means that we are short workers on that particular project, the project is caught up to the current Japanese releases, or we just don't like you.

3. I have a group that works in another language, may we translate and edit your scans to release for our group?

The site policy used to be to allow any group to work on our projects as long as they asked first and kept credit for the original work done by the SC staff. I'm basically removing that part about asking first... I just get so many requests that I can't keep them straight anymore. As of this writing, officially allows any non-English group to use our scans and translate from our translations. I would very much appreciate that you keep credits in for the work that we've done, but, as you probably know, I have no way to police that policy, so it's really just a request. With this, it's up to the manga community in whatever country you guys live in to make sure that 15 groups aren't doing the same SC project at the same time.

4. May I !list and @find in your IRC channel?

Yes, listing and finding are both allowed at #snoopycool. The only condition is that you can't @find any series that has been licensed in North America. Most series have an automatic ban script associated with them, and those that don't, if they are witnessed by a mod, will result in a ban. Consider this FAQ to be your first and only warning (aside from the warning as you enter the channel).

5. When will the next release for ____ be?

I'm going to throw this out for everyone to know. SC runs on a VERY loose weekly release schedule. Under normal circumstances, the site is updated with new chapters once every 5-9 days as well as on major holidays. Obviously, the contents of those weekly releases are pretty consistent with our current project priority levels (which are kept mostly private, but can be easily figured out by checking our previous release lists), but I can tell you that when a manga is being released from the magazine scans (in other words, when it's caught up), then it's released pretty much as soon as we can get it into our hands and translated.

As for the other projects, they each have their own release schedule and a priority level which does fluctuate with fan and download numbers (so we're more likely to move workers to make popular projects release faster). If you'd like your favorite manga to be a higher priority, then giving a positive word or participating in forum or IRC conversations about that manga will get you further than telling us that you'd like it to move faster. It's just one of those psychological things, ya know, when you're working hard on something and a complete stranger says that they want you to work harder, even if they have the best intentions, it comes across as being pretty rude.

And to complete this, the most important FAQ question, I'm actually going to give a brief release priority list for the current projects that aren't currently caught up or almost caught up:

Change 123: 1 chapter a week
Lucu: 2 chapters every months
Saijou no Meii: 3 chapters a month
Himizu: 2 chaptes a month

None of those are set in stone. We don't have a hard deadline for the staff to finish their work every week, so, of course, some of those don't make it when they're supposed to. This is also intended as a guideline for average output over a pretty broad time period (like 3 months), so even if it says Change 123 goes for one a week, it means something closer to 12 every 3 months. This also doesn't take big holiday releases like Christmas into account. Those individual holiday releases are going to be considerably larger than what we'd give you in 2 months of standard releases.

And there you have it. All of the information that I am ever going to give out concerning specifics for Sc's release schedule. Even if you email me and ask all nicely, you probably won't get more from me than what I've given you here.

6. Will you translate ___? It's really good.

It depends on a lot of things. In your request, be sure to include things like whether or not someone else is currently translating it, if you can provide one or more jobs if we do decide to select the series (like scanning or translating), how long it is, a link to the cover, preferably at least a brief synopsis of the story, the genre of the manga, and anything else you may think we'd wanna know. We have a section of the forum dedicated to suggestions of these types, so feel free to offer up your favorite manga. Er... but we won't be working on anything that's already translated by another group unless that group has dropped the project. And I don't mean 'dropped' as 'going slow', I mean has actually publicly stopped work on it all together and don't plan on continuing it. Also we are currently not interested in shounen-ai or yaoi. Take your fangirl fantasies somewhere else, please.

Just so you know, we do actually take requests quite seriously. I have one request on my list of future projects and we're currently working on another one to be released shortly.

7. Where can I buy the stuff I see on SC?

You can't purchase anything in print as you see it on our website here. You can however buy these mangas in Japanese from any number of import websites (google for it), or, when they're licensed, these mangas will be translated into English by the import companies (like Viz, Dark Horse, and TokyoPop) and can be purchased in just about every bookstore in America nowadays. When a manga is licensed, we provide a link to the publisher's website in place of the download links, so be sure to support the English manga market.

8. I've recently started taking Japanese, can I be a translator?

I've gotten so many of these recently that I feel the need to address it publicly. To be blunt, if you're a native English speaker with three years of high school Japanese or two years of college, you probably aren't ready to translate anything. Of course, there are exceptions, and if you're a native Japanese speaker, then your level of schooling is far less important. SC does take in inexperienced translators to help them grow with real world experience and criticing, but those cases are far and few between simply because it takes time away from the other translation staff as they explain things and correct issues in scripts.

All of that said, enthusiasm is important and if you have it, then we, and others, are more likely to help you grow into an excellent translator. So yes, if you're willing to work hard, take criticism, ask questions when you don't understand, and make mistakes, then I'll see if there's a place for you here. And if not, then come back next year and we'll talk again.

9. I've recently graduated from college with a degree in Japanese language, can I be a translator?

If you pass our translator test, then hell yeah. Welcome aboard.

10. I just donated $5 to your site... what're you gonna use it for?

Believe it or not, the archives that you download our manga from are donated, so they don't cost SC any money, which is wonderful. The site that you're looking at now (different server from the archives) is about $3 a month, so we don't need any help with money for that. But what we do need funds for is purchasing hard copies of manga. And if a scanner breaks, I gotta replace it... but I have 2 others at the moment, so that isn't much of an issue.

My normal monthly manga budget is about $200... we'll take that down by $50 in a nod to the fact that I buy lots of manga that won't ever make it to the site, which makes it $150. And about $50 of that falls into the category of 'shipping and handling' since everything does in fact come from Japan (and I live in Texas). So $45 in monthly magazines, $40 in weekly magazines and about $15 in manga volumes that are to be scanned for SC (which is 2 or 3 new volumes a month, give or take a couple more depending on the month).

So, basically, your five bucks sticks around in the site's paypal account until I or another scanner needs to be reimbursed. Honestly, we don't even come close to making $150 a month in donations, but I don't expect us to, so don't feel obligated to donate or anything. If I'm ever strapped for cash or my girlfriend starts complaining about how much manga is lowering our food budget, I'll probably have a little donation drive. Otherwise you can assume that SC is doing fine.

Anyway, if you're curious exactly what my bill looks like (like maybe you want to cover shipping costs one month or you want to pay for Change 123 volume 12 when we get to it and you want the exact amount), then drop me an email and I'll give it to you. If you're just curious, don't bother.

Naw, I'm kidding, I'll probably still give it to you. I never miss a chance to complain.



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