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Position: Editor

Alrighty, the editors are the ones who take the raw scans and make them all perty like. They make the whites white, the blacks black, replace the Japanese text with the English, and do any redrawing that needs to be done. If you are interested in helping out, but don't have the skills required, check out to get a good walkthrough of the basics, and start practicing. This position is the all-encompassing edit position. Aka, the old school editor. If you're not sure what exactly that means, you're basically both typesetter and cleaner. So go ahead and read the next two job descriptions down to see what you're in for.

I guess the other benefits involved are the raw scans and moderator status on the forums. You also get to have more input into the site than normal visitors.


Position: Cleaner

Cleaners are people who do the cleaning of the raw scans. I know, who woulda thunk it. While the editor above does bother cleaning, redrawing and typesetting, cleaners stick to cleaning and general redraws. Basically that means that a cleaner is given the original scan, 600dpi grayscale. The scan needs to be straightened, cropped, leveled and then have the text removed (not sounds). If there is any text over images, the text is to removed and the image redrawn (as much as is assumed necessary... usually just the bottom section). Then the cleaned chapter is uploaded for typesetting.


Position: Typesetter

This is the other half of the 'editor' position. If you're a typesetter, you take the cleaned pages from the cleaner and then add in the translation. You'll be using the original raws to see where the text goes, but you won't need any Japanese language knowlegde, so don't worry about that.

Typesetters are people that I lovingly refer to as 'font mules' (of which I include myself). Any good typesetter will quickly find themselves in possession of well over a hundred fonts and will know when and where to use them. SC is not a speed group where you're given a font and a size and told to plug it in as quickly as possible. Here, you'll be given a list of fonts for thoughts, normal text, chapter titles, and so forth, along with a list of suggested fonts for yells and sounds (if applicable). You'll also be told to pick and choose specialty fonts for certain situations... so I expect typesetters to have a mind of their own and to express themselves through the fonts that are used.

On the technical side, you'll be completeing any redrawing started by the cleaner. You're not going to recieve a pretty canvas every time. Mostly you'll see partial redraws with a centimeter here or there that needs filling in once the text is put in. Redrawing around text is far easier than reconstructing an entire panel, but you'll need some proficiency in photoshop.


Position: Translator

This is the most important job (in my opinion). The translator is the one who translates the Japanese manga into English (and yes, we prefer to only use Japanese to English translations because things tend to be lost when you translate translations). All of the work that I am currently looking into has almost complete furigana, so an insane knowledge of kanji isn't really required... uh, that's pretty much it. If you're interested in working with us, then by all means e-mail me and I'll more than likely sign you up right on the spot... you know, translators are kinda hard to find.


Position: Scanner

We need scanners. And don't think that you have to destroy your manga to scan it, that is a common misconception (granted, you can take each page out if you want to... no one's going to stop you...). If you own the mangas that we are currently working on and want to lend me a hand and give me a little bit more time to translate, then please try scanning some stuff in. Come on, all you need is a scanner ad some manga... just send me any test scans and you're in.




Test raws are linked below:


For editors:

Edit Test
Cleaning Test
Typesetting Test


For translators:

E-mail Snoopy if interested