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Yay for links! This section is so incredibly out of date that it makes me giggle. If you're interested in seeing what a scan group's link list looked like 6 years ago, check it out.


Commercial Sites (Japanese)
Shonen Sunday Comics - Recca, Midori, Yakitate!!, Inuyasha, MAR, etc.
Shonen Magazine - Hajime no Ippo, Rave, Get Backers, etc.
Shonen Jump - Naruto, Bleach, Hunter X Hunter, etc.
Magazine Z - Psychic Academy, Sakura Taisen, etc.
Afternoon - LucuLucu, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, etc.


Commercial Sites (English)
Viz - Publishes Flame of Recca, Inuyasha, and many others
Tokyo Pop - Psychic Academy, GTO, Get Backers, countless others
Dark Horse - 3x3 eyes


Affiliated Scanslation Sites (alphabetical)
Band of the Hawks - These guys are some kinda uber manga special forces or somethin'...
Omanga - Awesome projects catering to the more mature. And Zyph's cool.
Tsuzuku Jinsei O... - Orfina, Edens Bowy. Probably nicer than any other manga group (women ^_~).
Watase's Sorai - I stole the owner to work on Recca :P The home of works by Yuu Watase.


Scanslation Sites of Interest (alphabetical)
Adachi's Universe - Catering to all the Mitsuru Adachi fans out there (and others, too)
AkuTenshi - These guys have been around forever~
Mangascreener - Another well-established site. You gotta see 20th Century Boys.
Salad Dressings - Site dedicated to Salad Days, a compilation of short love stories. Highly reccomended.
Toriyama's World - Why do I even bother mentioning it? Most popular manga site for... well, since before I cared.
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou - The complete YKK series down to the monthly chapter releases.


Manga Information/News Sites
KodanCLUB - Information on Kodansha releases. The site was abandoned by the publisher T_T
Manga Jouhou - constantly updated database of every unlicensed manga as it is released.
Daily Manga - Just like Jouhou, except this one encompasses both French and English releases.
Noated - Normally, Noated has a wonderful manga search engine, but it's down as of this writing.


Random Crap (the good kind of crap... not the smelly kind)
Anime Suki - Constantly updated anime Bit Torrent site. Granted, if you don't know it, then you must be new... - What could be more fun than fucked up English? Fucked up English from Japan, that's what.
Penny Arcade - Hella awesome online comics for gamers.