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Himizu is a pretty dark manga. The main character decides early on that, despite his poor family, he's going to be as normal as humanly possible. Circumstances conspire against him, and he's sent down a rollercoaster of.. well, shit, basicly. This is an incredible manga.

February 10, 2009: Chapters 1 through 18 have been completed.


Volume 1 - complete

vol 1 cover

Ch 1: One Drop in the Big Sea
Ch 2: I Love Money
Ch 3: A Fine Young Man
Ch 4: Chazawa Keiko
Ch 5: Akeda Kenichi's Modus Operandi
Ch 6: Everything Has to be About You
Ch 7: Die, Akeda Kenichi
Ch 8: Mother's Flight of Love
Ch 9: Buck Up
Ch 10: Yoruno Shozo and Iijima Teruhiko
Ch 11: He's Really Just a Coward


Volume 2 - through ch 7

Ch 12: Loser Convention
Ch 13: The Great Failed Robbery
Ch 14: Yoruno, Lost
Ch 15: Bad Dream
Ch 16: His Fault
Ch 17: Birthday
Ch 18: This is Goodbye
Ch 19:
Ch 20:
Ch 21:
Ch 22:



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