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Kamen Rider Spirits. Explaining this is hard, because the basics are pretty well-known. I mean, just about everyone in the anime community has at least heard of Kamen Rider, right? To put it simply, this manga has the feel of a classic, yet not. See? Hard to explain. But the team responsible for this release did a really good job with it in an extra page in chapter 1, so if you're curious, that's where you'll find your real information. I'm really just kinda typing random shit here to fill up the space, in case you haven't noticed yet. Anyway, I recomend that everyone try this, it really is a great story.

April 25, 2008 - Kamen Rider Spirits has been released up through chapter 17.


Volume 1 - complete

vol 1 cover

Ch 1: Skyscraper's Gale
Ch 2: One Man Battle (Part 1)
Ch 3: One Man Battle (Part 2)
Ch 4: Pride of Hot Sand (Part 1)
Ch 5: Pride of Hot Sand (Part 2)


Volume 2 - complete

vol 1 cover

Ch 6: Memories of the Right Arm
Ch 7: Ocean of Machine-Armor (Part 1)
Ch 8: Ocean of Machine-Armor (Part 2)
Ch 9: Destroyer of the Jungle (Part 1)
Ch 10: Destroyer of the Jungle (Part 2)


Volume 3 - complete

vol 1 cover

Ch 11: Roaming Thunder Clap (Part 1)
Ch 12: Roaming Thunder Clap (Part 2)
Ch 13: Blue Sky of Promise (Part 1)
Ch 14: Blue Sky of Promise (Part 2)
Ch 15: Mythology of the Shooting Star (Part 1)
Ch 16: Mythology of the Shooting Star (Part 2)
Ch 17: Mythology of the Shooting Star (Part 3)


Volume 4 - coming soon

vol 1 cover

Ch 18:
Ch 19:
Ch 20:
Ch 21:
Ch 22:
Ch 23:
Ch 24:



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