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This manga follows Samus Aran as she grows up. As far as I'm aware, this is considered to be canon for the Metroid franchise (so it's an official story). There have been a few attempts at a translation that I've come across, however none have actually used this particular source material (and none have been all that accurate), so SC decided to take this project on as something of a favor to a friend of the site and we hope that everyone enjoys it. (it's only 2 volumes long, btw).

December 25: This project has been completed.

Volume 1 - Complete

Ch. 1: Invasion
Ch. 2: Destiny
Ch. 3: First Battle
Ch. 4: Threat
Ch. 5: Crisis
Ch. 6: Infiltration
Ep. 7: Impact


Volume 2 - Complete

Ch. 8: Scars
Ch. 9: Counter Attack
Ch. 10: Phoenix I
Ch. 11: Pheonix II
Ch. 12: Pheonix III
Ch. 13: Hunter
Ep. 14: Confidence
Ep. 15: Tooth and Nail
Ep. 16: The Successors



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